Megatrends In Fashion - 2010

The ongoing global financial crisis has influenced most designers to make their collections affordable for customers by simplifying outfits, and using cheaper materials. One can expect to see new emerging standards in fashion. Driving inspiration from the classics and infusing it with sex and skin highlight the new look of 2010.

Vintage and distressed will be back in vogue. The eco people in order to be self-sustainable are now emphasising used worn out clothing and looking for items that will look stylish for a longer duration. As such, the four key looks trendy at the turn of the year are predictably the Country Folk, Boho De Luxe, Modern Simplicity and Iron Maiden styles.

The Country Folk - a veritable mix of romantic English Country style peppered with 70's feminine elements. Hot colours are orange, grey, brown, beige, off-white and olive green. Printed checks, barnyard-looking boots, lacy puffed blouses, menswear tight slacks, and ancient English styled medallion pendants are in too.

The fall/winter fashion trend is "Boho de Luxe" - an exotic remix of the glamour of the 70's ranging from hues of browns, blacks, yellow, gold and olive greens in military style flaunted on ethnic vintage floral and folkloric prints. This can complement matching layered necklaces, and accessorized with fur, suede and leather hobo bags. Sexy and refined 70's thigh high boots are making a comeback as well.

Modern Simplicity - a sophisticated yet simple blend of the 40's and 50's flimsy decorations for a softer and feminine look. Shades of black, grey, white beige, camel, red and purple would caress poplin shirts. Small dresses, belted leather coats and gloves, tweed skirts and dressy pants will be in. Lengthy blazers ,crimson lipsticks, figure hugging tights and hoses, lacy ruffles, drapes and boyfriend cardigans will comprise new fashion trends in 2010.

The Iron Maiden - a delightful mix of gothic with a touch of class and the bold and dare-devil 80's. To appear rugged, thick studs, chains and leather are vital to complement colours ranging from black, grey to silver. Loads of zippers, layered chains, studs on skinny pants, leather, black hosiery, scintillating vests and tops, topped with funky jewellery.

Nevertheless Culture and Consumer Needs dictate trends!!!

Predictions galore are that polka dots, puffed sweaters, and sweat-shirts will rock.

The main colours for the Spring/Summer 2010 are all white, which is as slimming as black. A wide variety based in green, pinks, blues and browns are prevalent too.

Most visible trends will be:

- Knee high socks teamed with patterned tights worn pulled up or scrunched down

- High waisted hotpants alternated with boy shorts or tap pants

- Jump suits and playsuits made of taut fabric

- Patched ripped jeans and fitting genie pants for the youth

- Outerwear to be highlighted with underwear - corsets/bustiers worn as tops and hotpants made of satin to give a lingerie look

- Big statement necklaces will still rule

- Slit evening dresses to show a lot of leg worn with patterned tights

- Leather and metal plating to give a futuristic look that blends with darker hues of ancient tribal fashion.

Fashion trends of 2010 rely on the fact that whatever one carries with élan and ease, and looks original, creates waves any which ways.